Sports. Competition. Winning.

If you are a sports designer you most likely love playing and winning, or at least watching your favourite team winning. I LOVE watching my Brisbane Broncos team win and I get real angry when they lose. I LOVE winning games of ultimate frisbee (it doesn’t happen enough) and I am becoming a better loser (its taking some time).

When it comes to designing, winning should come naturally right? Not really.

I don’t know if you have heard of design leagues or not so let me explain as quickly and brutally as possible. A bunch of people organise “teams” and set designers art work up against each other to be judged on their merits and one is deemed better than the other.

I HATE design leagues. They are disgusting and I hope they all shut down and we never see or hear from them every again.

I HATE any designer who has a competitive attitude to other designers.

I HATE any competitive nature within the design community.

Here is why.

There will come a time when you realise that any artistic community cannot thrive with a competitive spirit. Sports design may struggle with this more than any other artistic community because we design around competition. We design winners, achievers and celebrate the greatness we watch week to week.

You are one of two people.
Either you are a sports person who creates art or You are an artist who loves sports.

And there is a massive difference between the two.

It is in the mindset and maturity of you the individual to understand that the success of you as an artist has very little to do with those in the community and 99.9% on your own decisions, development and direction.

Artists have always existed in community.

We are a strange bunch. Creatives always have been. It’s because of this community that art develops and grows. It is an incredible experience to be around like minded people who encourage me, give me insight and wisdom and inspire me to become a better designer.

With things like Instagram, facebook, behance ect our community is global. I can connect instantly with my mate Chris, (@theardist) who lives in Oakland and we can have a conversation about art anytime we want, for free. We live in an incredible time period and art is changing.

Being competitive to others is out of the question, and I am not really attacking design leagues as much as I am wanting to talk to you, the individual to challenge, encourage and hopefully inspire you that the next time you look at someone else’s profile and their followers, likes and opportunities that you don’t get discouraged, bitter, resentful or angry. Let’s be humbled that we get to connect with amazing people and that the right people want me to succeed.

So why is the title Be a competitive Artists? Simple. You are your greatest competition. You need to competitive with yourself to be the best designer you can be. That means working hard to make sure your attitude is the best it can be. That you are trying new things, working hard in the prep, being humble to ask people the questions to grow and producing better and better artwork as you develop. I’m all about people who want to be the best they can be, but its all about you, not anyone else.

“If I play my game, it will take care of itself”
Lebron James.