Content Creation.

Athlitix aims to create engaging content and bring strategy and structure for increased engagement for sports teams and athletes.

Sporting teams and clubs

Athlitix aims to help teams engage their fan bases and gain the attention of new consumers. We believe it is easy to make your team loo good and our desire is to work with what you have to provide a better experience for your fans digitally.

Campaign building, content strategies, sponsorship assets and presentations and digital content are all essential for any sports team desiring to create a stronger, better club.

Our desire is for your club to engage greater, produce content easier and increase your fan base and potential sponsorship opportunities.

We work together creating contents and assets that are going to assist you in taking your club and team forward in the direction you need. Sponsorships, Digital engagement, promotion and marketing.


We believe the time is right for Athletes to use their platform to build their dual careers. Professional sport isn’t forever and we understand that whilst at peak performance you have the opportunity to build a platform to utilise for your dual career.

Athlitix aims to help your message get through by creating engaging content to amplify your voice at its peak. Building your social media engagement is essential and their is no better time to do it whilst your at the the top of your game.

Athlitix also desires to build strategy around your passion. By building content strategies and assisting in posting and engagement we aim to help you focus on today, while building wins for tomorrow.

Whatever your passion; coaching, PT, fashion, cooking, mental health, our team wants to help you build for the future.

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