Brisbane Bandits Theme Concepts 2018.

2018-19 season of the ABL will be my third with the Brisbane Bandits. After a brainstorm session with Bandits Owner Mark Ready we came up with the concepts that will be seen below. The Brisbane Bandits are the most successful sports team currently in Brisbane, winning the last 3 national championships. We really wanted to honor what Brisbane has done for us as a baseball team so this season we are moving to really increase our awareness locally by creating the theme “We Are Brisbane”. It’s about being proud to be part of the great history of the city and owning who we are.

The second part of our theme “4 the city” works on the same principle of ownership and focus for the season ahead. We are aiming to win our 4th straight championship so, utilising the play on word with using a numerical 4 work favorably. It can also be altered to use for specific marketing campaigns in the future.