NRL Top 5 players to watch in 2018

With current trades, pay increases and player movements there is ALOT going on that will make the NRL look different for 2018. I personally am tipping a top 4 of the Roosters, Cowboys, Broncos and Dragons. I thought I would share my top 5 players to watch in 2018.

Tyson Frizell

Tyson is my favourite non Queenslander forward. That aside I think not only will he dominate for the @nrl_dragons but also is the cornerstone of who the @nswrl1908 should build upon. Hard working yet humble, fierce and intelligent I think Frizell will lead in everything he attempts this year. For me, Dragons are a top 4 team. On paper they look so dam good. With signing Hunt and Graham and removing some dead weight I honestly think Frizell will have the right combination around him to be a scary season long force. This is why Graham is one of my top 5 players for 2018. Watch him and Taumolomo battle it out for the best forward this year.

Ash Taylor

Consistency is king. Building momentum is as well. What happened when you make the finals one year then not the next? Change. I believe 2018 is the year Taylor takes control of the titans for good. Under a new coach and lacking particular distractions and ego’s o believe Titans have an opportunity to truely build and Taylor is the key to make that happen. Not suggesting it’s all on him but suggesting that like Thurston, Lockyer, Cronk and Johns that this is now Taylor’s time to govern. I expect the Titans and Taylor to be this years dark horse and to surprise many a team with resilience and grit.

Greg Inglis

GI will play state of origin. GI will be a force. GI will do things he hasn’t done before. I believe there is greatness in Greg and when you take physical hit after hit and take time out to mentally regather well, look at the season Billy Slater had. I say Inglis will be just as hungry to prove again why he is one of the greatest to play the game. With some new blood at the Rabbits you’ll see Inglis the leader stand tall and command a new level of excellence. I’m excited for Souths, I’m excited for GI.

Valentine Holmes

If 2017 is any indication to go off Holmes is one top prospect to watch. With a dominant performance for Queensland and record breaking try numbers for the Kangaroos you can’t not expect big things for 2018 from Holmes. With some changes to the Sharks and a new level of confidence Holmes completes my 5 players to watch for 2018. How do the sharks go this season? Top 8 easily. They will give teams like the Chooks and Cowboys something to be mindful of.

Anthony Milford

Ok. You all know I’d be biased to the broncos BUT Milford’s last two seasons have been pretty legit. That being said, what’s new in 2018. 1. Clarity. No Benji, no Ben Hunt. Milford shown us that when he is the leader he can carry the team and do well. His relationship with Niko is outstanding and I think their partnership will be the best thing for the Broncos. 2. Time. The more he plays the better he will get. He is sill young and has heaps of time to learn, grow and lead. 3. Origin. Expect him to take over from Munster. Remember Milford played game 1. It’ll be a battle but it’ll come good. Healthy competition for spots bring out the best in people.
I honestly think Milford has a MVP year in him sometime soon. Hopefully that results in a Brisbane premiership. Regardless Milford is in my top 5. Expect a lot of highlights.