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My job is simple, to make sport look good. Whether that’s with graphics, photos or video I aim to use my creative skill set to create quality content for your sports organisation. My name is Brad Rathbone and i am a qualified graphic designer with experience working with incredible Grass Roots, Local, State and National Sporting organisations. As sport continues to become more and more engaged with social media there is an increased need for high quality content to communicate to your fans, members and potential sponsors and partners. Athlitix specialises in equipping you with quality content to assist in the communication of your message. Enjoy having a look around my web site and I hope to hear from you shortly.



About Athlitix


Athlitix is a content creation business that specifically aims to equip sporting people. Brad has vast experience working with individuals, teams and associations.
His vision is to build is to provide sports people with the best engagement possible.


“The destination of me is to build a business that not only services the athlete but also educates the artist and informs the fan. I hope to create a business that fuse sports, art and information in a way that anyone can enjoy and engage with sports in a new way” – Brad.

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